Monday, October 29, 2012

Inspiration Ideas: Dip Dye

Dip dye has been a big trend this year- in hair, clothing, accessories. We've compiled some great inspirational DIY's and photos for you!

Inspiration Idea 1: Dip Dyed Hair
Lauren Conrad's bright pink tips are super cute and add a pretty pop of color.

If you're not a pink person, don't worry! There's a bunch of other colors that your hair can be dip dyed in- blue, orange, green, purple... any color, really!

Want to try out this dip dye hair trend? Try this great video tutorial on how to recreate the look (non-permanent!):

Inspiration Idea 2: Dip Dyed Shorts
 Learn how to dip dye your denim shorts (denim shirts, too!) in bleach in this easy tutorial

Inspirational Idea 3: Natural Dip Dyed Shoes
If you have plain, white, boring shoes- add some color with this cute DIY dip dye idea (using onion skins as dye)!

Insparation Idea 4: Dip Dyed Shirt
This awesome tutorial shows you step-by-step how to create a cute dip dyed t-shirt inspired by J. Crew!

Street Style Inspiration:

So, it's actually very easy to become part of the dip dye trend. Are you looking forward to breaking out the bleach or dye? We sure are! Let us know by commenting if you were inspired to create some dip dye projects!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY: Antrhopologie Inspired Bobby Pins

We absolutely love these bobby pins from Anthropologie,

 Printed Fabric Bobbies

 but at $15, we realized we could make it for a lot cheaper and with items we already own!

So let's get started with this easy project!
You need a variety of nail polishes, wide hair pins, and either tape, a (nail polish) dotting tool, or a thin paintbrush.

If you're using:
Tape: Cute the tape into thin strips and place them in various places on the bobby pin (this works best when there is no " base color" of polish)  Using your choice of polish colors, paint them on the pin where there is no tape. When you're done painting, wait at least 1 hour to make sure everything is dried, then gently pull up the tape. You're finished! This technique will only allow you to create a striped pattern.

Dotting Tool: This tool will allow you to create an abstract design or a dotted pattern on your pins- you can create one by yourself by sticking sewing pins into an eraser. Paint the pins white, then use the dotting tool to either create dots or your abstract design. That's it!

Paintbrush: A simple art and crafts paintbrush (not pictured below) can be used to create different sizes of stripes/lines. Start off with a coat of white polish, then carefully paint on stripes, dots, or an abstract design. Keep wiping off excess polish, especially when changing colors. When you're finished, clean the brush in nail polish remover. We decided to use this method.

When you're finished with your design, make sure it completely dries ( give it 20+ min.) and add a top coat of clear nail polish if you wish.

What did you think about this tutorial? If you're thinking of trying it out- comment below! We'd love Don't forget to check out our Etsy shop: 

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