Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspiration Ideas: Galaxy Print

The galaxy print is gorgeous on all pieces of clothing- tops, skirts, leggings.. as can be seen on Christopher Kane's galaxy clothing collection:

Here's a compilation of some great tutorials and galaxy inspiration ideas that, hopefully, will get the DIY section of your brain working!

DIY Tutorial Roundup

DIY Galaxy Top Tutorial: Gwen from This Fashion Is Mine wrote this easy-to-follow tutorial for this pretty shirt, which only requires a dark-colored tee, bleach, and optionally, fabric paint.

 DIY Galaxy Nails: For those of you who just want a subtle way to showcase the galaxy design, try this tutorial for gorgeous galaxy nails!

Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY: Maxi Dress Revamp into a Scarf and Top

Hey guys! Today we'll be showing you how to turn a maxi dress into a cute top and an infinity scarf!
Start off with a maxi dress and some fabric scissors (not normal ones!). We've split the dress into 4 sections so it's easier to understand this tutorial.

We're cutting off section 4, because we don't really like the design and the pattern doesn't match the rest of the dress.We'll be using it as scrap fabric (possibly for a future project?). But you can also turn section 4 into a scarf if you'd like.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY: Lip Tint Using Loose Pigment

Hi! Well, it's time for our first tutorial, and here it is: a simple, easy lip tint using items you probably have around the house. So let's jump right in:

Here's what you'll need:  (plus a source of heat- lighter, stove, even a microwave {if using a microwave, swap out the spoon for a microwavable container} & always remember to be careful!)
Eyeball your container, and scoop out what you think you'll need to fill the container. At most, the Aquaphor (Vaseline works too!) should be about half the size of the (big) spoon- when it melts, too much will make it overflow.
 Hover the spoon over your heat source/ flame or microwave in increments of 20 secs. (times may vary) until the Aquaphor begins to melt.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello everybody!

Hi everyone! :) Our names are Parisa and Parisorn. This our first post on this blog! We hope that you all will come to enjoy our blog and the content we will put up. We'll be posting DIY (day-to-day crafts, beauty, and fashion) tutorials, inspirations, our photography, etc. You can learn more about us/ our Etsy shop on the "About" page, the "AHA" page, and check out our Etsy store by clicking on the "Etsy" link.
Hope you enjoy and have fun exploring our blog!
                                                                                              ♥ Parisorn and Parisa