Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY: Maxi Dress Revamp into a Scarf and Top

Hey guys! Today we'll be showing you how to turn a maxi dress into a cute top and an infinity scarf!
Start off with a maxi dress and some fabric scissors (not normal ones!). We've split the dress into 4 sections so it's easier to understand this tutorial.

We're cutting off section 4, because we don't really like the design and the pattern doesn't match the rest of the dress.We'll be using it as scrap fabric (possibly for a future project?). But you can also turn section 4 into a scarf if you'd like.

Then cut off section 3- which will be the scarf. Section 1 + 2 will be the tank top. You could also cut off the straps and section 2 and use section 1 (stretchy part) as a cute bandeau. As we mentioned earlier, section 4 will be scrap fabric.
Section 3 will be an infinity scarf- wear it as you typically would. Since the scarf was very long, we  looped it around our neck twice.
Here's the top; you should probably hem the edge (we haven't yet).

Finished! This is a great way to reuse old maxi dresses that are don't fit or are too old. Stay tuned for more cute DIY's.

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  1. Continue with the good work! I really liked your blog and ideas!