Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIY: Lip Tint Using Loose Pigment

Hi! Well, it's time for our first tutorial, and here it is: a simple, easy lip tint using items you probably have around the house. So let's jump right in:

Here's what you'll need:  (plus a source of heat- lighter, stove, even a microwave {if using a microwave, swap out the spoon for a microwavable container} & always remember to be careful!)
Eyeball your container, and scoop out what you think you'll need to fill the container. At most, the Aquaphor (Vaseline works too!) should be about half the size of the (big) spoon- when it melts, too much will make it overflow.
 Hover the spoon over your heat source/ flame or microwave in increments of 20 secs. (times may vary) until the Aquaphor begins to melt.
 Add some pigment (a.k.a. loose eyeshadow- loose blush works too!)- we decided to go with a redish copper and a little bit of gold. The more you use, the more pigmented your tint is. We were looking for only a sheer sparkle, so we went with only a bit of pigment.
 Continue heating and stirring the Aquaphor until the mixture is smooth and well combined.
  Pour the mix into the container and set in a cool place ( fridge, maybe?) for 10 or so min. until it fully hardens back into a solid form.
 Ain't it pretty? The end result was a soft and sheer pinkish-gold with a light shimmer!

We absolutely loved making this tutorial and (especially) the tint! How did yours turn out?
Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Wow, lovely! Now I can save a ton of money instead of buying shades I will never wear outside of fancy dress parties :)


  2. great discovering your brand new blog today!!! Good luck with it and HAVE FUN!!!

    Casey Chappell

  3. Hello!
    If I didn't have so many lip glosses, I would try this out with some pink eyeshadow! :) Nice tutorial!

    My blog:

  4. Love this idea! I often use my Bare Minerals "Warmth" on my lips for color and then add a gloss, but this sure simplifies the whole process!

  5. Going to try this soon and post some on the blog!

  6. Where can you purchase the containers to put the new limp tint?

    1. You can find small containers at the dollar store, or you can go to and they have different lip containers to choose from or doing a search on your favorite search engine would help! :]

  7. To anyone making this please, please, please be very careful with what eyeshadow/pigment/blush you use as your colourant! Not all eyeshadows/pigments/blushes are lip-safe, which means if you ingest them (which happens pretty frequently with lipgloss!) you could get really sick!
    I'm going to try it with some of my lip-safe mineral shadows I have, and an old chapstick container I've got, gonna see if it works to make a stick form!

  8. Really want to give this a try. Thx 4 posting such cute lip tint DIY tutorial.