Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY: Bracelet Transformation

Hi everyone! We recently found an unused bracelet that came with a big set. It turned out that it was too big because part of the elastic had snapped. So we're going to put it to good use by transforming into a wearable bracelet.

Start off by cutting the bracelet and collecting the beads.

We've split the beads into two piles- you should also pick out and separate the beads you plan on using. Then, put the rest of the beads away so you don't lose them, especially if you're working with small beads.

Now, measure out how much chain you want.  Make sure you have some leeway for the beads and clasp. The chain should be at least half of the whole bracelet.

Next, take your wire (don't cut it yet) and thread it through all the beads. At the one open end, create a loop and attach it to your chain (left side of the picture below). Then, leave an extra 1 cm. of wire (on the right side of the picture) and finally cut the wire using wire-cutting pliers.

Create a loop using leftover wire on the bracelet. You may need to cut off excess wire. Attach a jump ring on the loop and the end of the chain (on the other side of the bracelet). Add a clasp to one of the jump rings.

And that's it!

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and maybe try it out! If you're not up to making your own, this bracelet is for sale in our Etsy shop.

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