Saturday, September 8, 2012

Inspiration Ideas: Anthropologie and Free People Inspired Scarves

As you will see in the future, we are in love with items from Free People and Anthropologie. But with the hefty price tag on all their items, we just like to think, "if you can't buy it, DIY it!"

Inspiration Idea 1: Free People Checked Shirt Scarf
We love this idea.. it's a perfect scarf for the upcoming fall and winter. It's pretty easy to make, or at least that's what we think. Cut up some unused, plaid men's shirt into squares and sew them together. Cute and easy to make!

Inspiration Idea 2: Anthropologie Inner Winds Loop
This is such a cute scarf- and also easy to replicate! After all, it's simply two pieces of fabric- one patterned and one a solid color- sewn together into an infinity scarf. But if you don't want to go the sewing route, you could just take one patterned scarf and one solid color scarf, tie and twist them together, and wear it as one scarf!

Inspiration Idea 3: Anthropologie Wind Tunnel Double Scarf

 We think that this scarf is incredibly easy and quick to create. By taking two scarves, you can knot them at one end (or even both), just like above. Doing this doubles the number of your scarves- great idea, don't you think?

Have fun with all these ideas!
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